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Grow your own vegetables! cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce and green beans

I would really recommend that people grow there own veg. I have a small front garden. This year I planted from seed some vegetables with my 6 year old Grandaughter quite late in the year. I am no gardener. I also bought some reduced price tomato plants and nursed them back to health. So far we've had some cucumbers, courgettes, a bumper crop of tomatoes, lettuce and green beans.

I also got a basil plant from the Foodbank and split it up and rerooted the cuttings in a cup of water on the kitchen windowsill. We now have 8 thriving plants. We also grew some potatoes in pots. We've eaten two lots and another is almost ready. It's been a learning experience for my Grandaughter and we've had lovely fresh veg.

Grow your own vegetables