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Mushroom risotto on toast recipe! Field mushrooms, Bread from anti gasp bag for chickens

A little different as I live in rural France but made mushroom risotto on toast. Recipe!!!

Field mushrooms picked from my garden free.
Bay leaves free
Bread from anti gasp bag for chickens, still in date approx 5p
Chard found growing in my garden self seeded from last year free
Tomatoes from an anti gasp box( aubergine, cauliflower, large beef tomato’s, 6 🍌, fennel, turnips, radish £2.78) 10p
Cucumber 20p
White wine (present)
Risotto rice £1
Cheese 40p

Feed two of us & I couldn’t eat it all. Have loads of risotto left & another 2kg of mushrooms picked this morning. I will be giving these away as I can’t eat any more after several weeks & a full freezer. I count myself lucky to have this resource & be able to share it. I find food here much more expensive than the uk, however wine is cheap 🤣.

Mushroom risotto on toast recipe