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Popped into farmfoods! couple of bargains, Potatoes £1.99, Waffles 29p a packet

Popped into farmfoods earlier, got a couple of bargains that some of you might want to look out for.

Potatoes £1.99
Flora 49p- it's the dairy free version i used some of it to make mash and didn't notice any difference.

Innocent 750ml 19p! Hadn't tried the flavor before but my son has already drunk half so can't be too bad.

Waffles 29p a packet! Bought a whole box of 10 and froze them as perfect for packed lunch.

Also picked up a box of 6 mr brains (post declined if i name the actual food item 🙄) for £1 which made 2 dinners, just used some of the potatoes and added some peas which I already had in the freezer so a super cheap dinner tonight 😀.


Potatoes £1.99, Waffles 29p