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Quorn cottage pies bulked out recipe! beef mince at £2.89 and quorn mince at £2

Recipe - I have done some cooking today ready for the week. Using one pack of beef mince at £2.89 and a pack of quorn mince at £2 I have made 5 quorn cottage pies bulked out with onion, carrot, celery, leek and peas ready to be topped with mash and a quorn chilli with extra veggies added and kidney beans. The cottage pie is 5 portions and the chilli will also do 5. Total cost for both is around £3.50 with the extra veggies and the tinned tomatoes so 35p a portion which I think is fab. 

With the beef mince I have bulked out with celery, onions and carrots and split in half into 2 pans. In one pan I have added a beef stock pot, a few gravy granules and some water for cottage pie.  In the other pan I’ve added half a pack of mushrooms, a courgette, a glug of red wine, some passata, some chopped tomatoes, garlic and a beef stock pot.  I am going to make a lasagne from this which will do 5 portions and then the rest I will freeze in tubs for bolognaise to go with pasta. For these meals I would say they cost £5 with all the added veggies and Ingres it’s so 50p a portion.

Quorn cottage pies

Quorn cottage pies bulked out

Quorn cottage pies bulked out recipe