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Recipe - Mini toad, carrots (& onion for me), cabbage, roasties & gravy

Recipe - Mini toad in the hole 🐸, carrots (& onion for me 😂), cabbage, roasties & gravy! 

This went down so well with the kids, they loved the mini toads 😉.
I loved it too as its better portion control for me! I didnt love the gravy though, Asda subbed our normal one for reduced salt, cak 😂 Wont be having that again!
The batter mix made 24 mini toads, & 2 medium sizes Yorkshires 🐸.

8 frozen sausages 48p
Eggs milk & flour for batter mix 50p ish
1/4 bag carrots 7p
1/2 cabbage 29p
Onion 6p
1/4 bag maris pipers 34p
Gravy granules 16p

£1.90 fed 5 for 38p each 🙂 .

There were leftover mini toads, & veg/potatoes too, so made James an extra meal for his pack up too 😀.

Recipe - Mini toad, carrots