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Tonight’s dinner recipe! Chargrilled peppers, beef and pork mince, Chips, Sweet and crunchy salad

Recipe - Tonight’s dinner was sloppy joes

-Chargrilled peppers I got for 75% off, 42p. But I only used half so it was 21p for this meal.
-beef and pork mince 4.19, but again used half so 2.10
-Rolls 79p
-Chips used 1/3 of a 99p bag so 33p
-Sweet and crunchy salad I grabbed at tesco reduced to 34p

Not sure what the sauces/spices cost but I’m sure not much. So I’ll guess around £1. For a grand total of about £4.78 to feed our family of 6 tonight.

Sweet and crunchy salad

Chargrilled peppers, beef pork mince

Sweet and crunchy burger