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Bolognese bucatini, with doughballs recipe! bolognese was leftover, mixed with a mascarpone

Recipe - Bolognese bucatini, with doughballs! 🍝. The bolognese was leftover, only filled half a butter sized tub, reheated & mixed with a mascarpone & tomato sauce, & served with this lovely bucatini, & reduced M&S doughballs 😀 everyone loved it!

😀 Always save your leftovers! 😀
Leftover bolognese free as costed previously
Tomato & mascarpone pasta sauce 70p
Bucatini 33p
Doughballs reduced £1.68
Cheese 29p

£3 fed 5 for 60p each 🙂.

Bolognese bucatini, with doughballs recipe