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Cheesy topped fries recipe! chilli chicken, & shredded BBQ rib meat

Cheesy topped fries recipe! Some with sweet chilli chicken, & some with shredded BBQ rib meat 😋 with salady bits, coleslaw, potato salad & dips.

Sweet chilli chicken free from Olio
Bbq ribs reduced £1
1/4 bag maris pipers 34p
1/4 bag frozen fries 17p
1/4 block cheese 44p
1/2 tub dips 94p
Coleslaw & potato salad Mum got for the BBQ & there was some leftover 🙂
Salady bits (some from my garden) 30p ish

£3.19 fed 5 for 63p each 🙂.

Cheesy topped fries recipe