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Recipe - Roast chicken dinner with stuffing, roast potatoes & honey roast parsnips

Recipe - Roast chicken dinner 中中 with stuffing, roast potatoes & honey roast parsnips, mixed veg, red cabbage, broccoli & cauli, Camembert mash & Yorkshire puds! 

Chicken £2.89
Parsnips 39p
Leftover stuffing free as costed previously
Leftover Camembert mash free as costed previously
1/3 bag maris pipers 39p
1/4 bag frozen mixed veg 17p
1/4 red cabbage 14p
1/2 bag frozen broc & cauli 45p
Eggs flour & milk for batter 40p ish
Gravy granules 16p
£4.99 fed 5 for 99p each cant beat a roast for that price! 

Bakewell pud was £5.50 today from Bakewell … not the cheapest but it made it an easier tea for me! Will be serving with double cream later! Freezing the coconut tart for another wknd .

Recipe - Roast chicken dinnerwith stuffing, roast potatoes

Recipe - Roast chicken dinner