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Tea tonight recipe- cowboy pie, 6x sausages I used yellow sticker Asda fresh ones

Recipe - Tea tonight...cowboy pie.

6x sausages I used yellow sticker Asda fresh ones but the cheaper frozen ones would work fine....They're about £1 for 30p for 6
Few slices or chunks of cooking bacon chopped up relatively small...50p is about half a pk
Onion maybe 10p
I used a yellow pepper as I had one that needed using. 30p
Garlic (I used a tsp of frozen chopped garlic it's 11p per 10g....mine was maybe 6p as not a flat tsp)
A couple squirt of bbq sauce 5p?
A few seasonings (I added some smoked paprika and a dash of Worcestershire sauce)....10p?
2x tins beans 58p
Asda sheet puff pastry 95p (could make your own or top with mash like a cottage pie...I would have used mash if manthing would eat mash and beans together but he won't. Haha).
£2.99 pie total

I served with a few wedges 4 med-large potatoes from a big sack.....20p?
Tiny splash of oil...2p?
S&P 1p?
£3.22 served 4 very greedy working man and growing teen portions but would easily do 6 smaller portions. 81p/54p pp

I minced the onion and pepper in food processor as mine would pick it out. Cooked off in hot pan for couple mins until liquid evaporated but could chop normally and fry 2 mins or so until slightly softened (feel free to add other veg that needs using...mushrooms are good), then added the sausage, browned a bit, added the bacon and again browned off a bit. Then the garlic and 1 min or so later the spices...1 min later again the beans, and bbq sauce. Simmered for 5min then poured into pie dish. I leave to cool a little and then top with the pastry (or mash if using) bake until hot all way through and pastry cooked and golden or mash golden on top (if using mash, sprinkle of cheese is great on top before the oven).

cowboy pie

cowboy pie

6x sausages