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Today's meal recipe! beef stew and dumplings, some emergency food I had in the freezer

Recipe - So today's meal was beef stew and dumplings. With a little mash as I had some potatoes that needed using....wouldn't usually do mash and dumpling and there's usually some potato in the stew but my daughter wanted mash so I left it out of the stew and made mash instead. Anyway. This was basically to use up some emergency food I had in the freezer. So.....

1xbag (300g) lean frozen diced beef steak from Iceland....£3
1xbag frozen root vegetable casserole mix 1kg 99p
2x oxo 15p
Sprinkle dried thyme 10p?
Squeeze tomato puree 6p?
Worcestershire sauce 5p?
150g flour 5p
70g suet 48p
S&P 1p
Total £4.89
Potatoes 75p
Butter 5p
Milk 5p
Total 85p

The stew and dumplings easily will serve 6 with dumplings and mash. (I served 4 2x teens and 2x adults and easily enough for another 2 portions)
This works out at approx 81/82p a portion.

The mash served 4 so 21/22p per portion. 

This was a super filling meal and worked out at around £1 a portion. It wasn't the best beef stew I've ever had as obviously wasn't fresh stewing meat etc but very tasty, super easy and a cheap Sunday dinner, even cheaper if made with chicken legs or thighs etc....I literally threw all the ingredients in the slow cooker in 2min this morning, sprinkled with 2 crumbled stock cubes and a splash of water (I had defrosted the meat overnight as slow cooker cooking means the meat would have more time to breed bacteria at the low temps from frozen despite it being a cook from frozen meat. I feel safer that way. However had I cooked in the oven I'd have prob been fine cooking from frozen). Sorry about the rubbish picture. I forgot to take one before everyone ate.

emergency food, beef stew