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Tonight's tea, Total £3.42! Cheesy garlic bread, leftover from other meals in the fridge/freezer

Tonight's tea I needed to use up some bits i had that were leftover from other meals or just languishing in the fridge/freezer. So creamy spiced sausage pasta it was. 

I used:
1pk of reduced chipolatas- 95p
1 red pepper that wasn't as firm as it should be
Half a bunch of starting to wilt spring onions
Half a bag of spinach
1 large Portobello mushroom - maybe £1 for all the veg.
1x Chicken stock cube (50p x10) - 5p
1-2tbsp sour cream (75p a pot) - 10-20p
Hard cheese to taste (use what you have, I had about 15g of parmesan left of a small 100g block and finely grated it in) - £2  for the 100g so maybe 30p
500g pasta from a £1 1kg bag- 50p
1.5tsp fajitas spice from a big pot 2p?
Garlic granules from big pot 2p?
1/4tube Tom puree 6p
Cheesy garlic bread slices reduced 50p for 8 37p

Total £3.42 (I went for 15p for the cream as between the two).

This served 4 for dinner/tea tonight and I have 2 portions left for lunch tomorrow. So 3.42/6 = 57p PP (and I cleared out the fridge😂)

cheesy garlic bread