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Budget meal plans! 7 meals for £23.36, affordable gravy granules 32p

Someone asked about budget meal plans earlier but the post was deleted (presumably for mentioning their budget in case they're "touting" for money.) Anyway. I was writing this as it was deleted so hopefully it'll help a little. 

*pic just added so post isn't lost.

Group member bacon Omelette...add some veg and or cheese, chips and beans. 1.35 eggs, 75p cooking bacon, chips £1 beansx2 50p (5x eggs leftover, half bacon left)
potatoes 99p, sausagesx20 1.21, peas 1.10.

Extras if affordable gravy granules32p, yorkshires 50p, onion 65p (loads left). Spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread using leftover eggs and bacon from day 1, Spaghetti 23p garlic bread 32p.

Chicken wings approx 2.08 s&s jar 42p rice 48p stir fry veg £1 (glaze in the sauce and bake until cooked through and sticky. Serve with the rice and stirfried veg mixed through). Cheese 2.85 potatoes and onions left from above flour 58p willow £1 beansx2 50p (cheese and onion pasties with beans or ditch the flour and willow and serve cheese and onion pie and beans ). Corned beef 2.00, stewpack veg 1.00, gravy from above dumpling mix 80p (corned beef stew and dumplings).Sausage from above (5 leftover if served approx 3 each...maybe 4 for dad 2 for toddler etc) pasta 35p tinned Tom's from your pantry, garlic bulb 39p,  mixed herbs 35p, sprinkle of cheese from above. Garlic breadx2 64p (tomato sausage pasta).

So far that's 7 meals for 23.36.

Add some more eggs, milk, bread, Cereal and you have option of Pancakes, toast, Cereal, egg on toast for breakfasts. Lunches essentials fruit, essentials yog, sandwich some soft cheese or use some leftover cheese from above, or buy some peanut butter, or choc spread, or jam or meat paste
Essentials crisps.

Days not at school maybe some more beans or hoops or soup or eggs with some toast or bread and fruit, add some natural yogurt & tomato paste and can make some flatbreads with the flour and some of the cheese grated. If any more in budget buy a pk of salami and rip into pieces and top and or some sweetcorn etc serve hot or cold.

Should be within your budget for at least 1 week.

Budget meal plans! 7 meals for £23.36