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Recipe - leftover chilli chicken pasta bake, piece of fish, lots of salad

Change of plan tonight! Got to the leftover chilli before I got to the chicken so chilli pasta bake for James & the kids. Found a piece of fish for me, with a small jacket, lots of salad & ‘free’ foods on WW 🙂.

I did some stewed apples for pudding with custard, went down a treat!
Leftover chilli free as costed previously
2/3 bag pasta 23p
Feta cheese free from Olio
Handful of grated cheese 26p
Smoked fish reduced £1.13
Egg 10p
Potato 10p
Hummus free from Olio
Avo free from Olio
Salady bits 20p ish
£2.02 fed 5 for 40p each 🙂 .

The cooking apples were free from Olio & the custard powder, milk & sugar cost around 60p ish so 60p for pud for 4 🙂.

Recipe - leftover chilli chicken pasta bake