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Veggie tea for tonight, Total 5.78 fed 4! Sweet Potato and 3 bean chilli nachos recipe

Recipe - Veggie tea for us tonight. Sweet Potato and 3 bean chilli nachos. 

1x onion 10p
1x large carrot 5p
2x sticks celery 10p
1x red bell pepper 26p
1x yellow bell pepper 26p
1x large sweet potato 40p
Half a carton of pasata 16p
2tsp frozen garlic 15p
1tsp each of Fennel seeds, Cumin, Ground Coriander and Cinnamon
Chilli powder 10p ish for spices. They come from big pots.
1x heaped tsp chipotle paste 50p
3rd tube tomato puree 9p
Thumb piece of ginger grated 20p
1x black eyes beans 55p
1x pinto beans 55p
1x borlotti beans 55p
Cheddar £1
Tortilla chips 76p
Total 5.78 fed 4 with at least 4/6portions left.

5.78/8=72p per portion (based on the 8 portions). 

Photo was what's left AFTER I'd served the 4 portions. It's hard to tell from the photo but it's a HUGE pan.

Sweet Potato and 3 bean chilli nachos