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CURRYWURST! Curried sausage with fries, cheese & crispy onions recipe

CURRYWURST 🥰 Curried sausage with fries, cheese & crispy onions 😋 This was a new one for us, not sure of the authenticity of the jarred sausage 😅 but we loved it!

Google says "Germans eat around 800 million Currywursts a year, can you imagine! And not only as a snack, or a late night (hangover) bite. Cafés, beer gardens and pubs also serve it as a meal with bread or fries. This curried sausage is the ultimate Berlin street food, but it is also served in restaurants across the city".

2 jars currywurst £2.18
1/2 bag frozen fries 72p
1/4 block cheese 66p
1/6 tub crispy onions 20p

£3.76 fed 4 for 94p each 🙂 Ashtons not v well had to pick him up from school early, hes got this horrible flu type bug 😞 so hes going to try a bit of toast later.

CURRYWURST! Curried sausage with fries