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Lentil & bacon soup recipe! crusty petit pain, a piece of homemade Bourbon fudge

Recipe - Lentil & bacon soup 😋 & crusty petit pain! Sharon fruit for pud from Nannas Oddbox, they loved them 🤷🏼‍♀️ & a piece of homemade Bourbon fudge too 🙂.

4 slices bacon 67p
200g lentils 45p
2 potatoes 18p
Onion 6p
6 small carrots 11p
2 chicken stock cubes 6p
1 1/2 packs part baked rolls £1.20
£2.73 fed 5 for 54p each 🙂
Fudge costings -
Bourbon biscuits 49p
5 bars of 100g chocolate £1.65
Condensed milk 89p

£3.03 made 20 pieces for 15p each 🙂 you could have bigger squares but they are very rich so smaller is better for my kids x.

Lentil & bacon soup recipe