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Recipe - Homemade steak & Stilton pie, leftover chicken & mushrooms

Homemade steak & Stilton pie, carrots (& onion for me), & garlic mash 中中中 Oooh these were delish!! The kids had some bread & butter with theirs as they dont like mash (bread from Olio ).

The pies cost £7.98 to make 15 portions (some had to be done in bigger dishes so will feed 2/3 kiddie portions) so makes it 53p per portion! You can make them cheaper by using different fillings… mince & onions, leftover chicken & leek, leftover chicken & mushrooms… or by cutting out the puff pastry & using all shortcrust You can buy cheap pies from the supermarket but I find they dont have a lot of filling, or the fillings are really bland. I know exactly what has gone into these & we will enjoy them thoroughly .

5 pies £2.65
1/2 bag maris pipers reduced 22p
1/4 bag carrots on offer 4p
Onion 6p
Garlic free from Oddbox

£2.97 fed 5 for 59p each .

Recipe - Homemade steak & Stilton pie