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Recipe - Ravioli with tomato & marscapone sauce, bananas Pudding

Recipe - Ravioli with tomato & marscapone sauce, spinach added into the sauce for me, avo & tomatoes, & the rest of the crew had rosemary & sea salt tear & share bread 🙂.

My portion on WW was 12p (joined yesterday after id already done the meal plan & the food shop 🙈 not my best idea but there we are 😂 so to avoid food waste im doing my best with what ive bought for this week! Also - my points are possibly not 100% accurate but again im doing my best! Follow me on WW if you have it, username ‘talisajade’ I would appreciate any tips & support! Xxx).

Pudding for the kiddies is bananas (needed using up) & custard, with star sprinkles & choc drops 🍌🍫.

1/2 pack crab ravioli reduced £1.12
Ricotta & pesto ravioli reduced 70p
Cheese & ham ravioli £1.13
Tomato pasta sauce 59p
Tbsp marscapone 11p ish
Handful spinach 9p ish
Shaving of grana padano (kids didnt want it) 16p ish
1/2 avo on offer 25p
Tomatoes free from Olio
Tear & share bread mix reduced 60p

£4.75 fed 5 for 95p each 🙂.

Recipe - Ravioli with tomato & marscapone sauce