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Roasted chicken recipe! potato salad & boiled eggs, Salady bits

Chicken salad with all the goodies 😀 .

Recipe - I roasted the chicken & made the potato salad & boiled eggs this morning when it wasnt as hot, to avoid heating the kitchen even more at tea time!
Whole chicken £3.08
1/2 bag baby potatoes 45p
1/2 tub soured cream 37p
1/4 jar mayo 17p
Spring onions, parsley & rosemary free from my garden
Herbs, spices & butter for the chicken 30p ish
Red onion 6p
1/2 pack bacon 62p
4 eggs 93p
1/2 pack petit pain 82p
Salady bits (some from my garden) 30p ish

£7.10 fed 5 for £1.42 each, & we have half the chicken left for another meal 🙂 also had a tub of chicken juices which ive frozen to use in gravy for another meal 🙂.

Roasted chicken recipe! potato salad & boiled eggs