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Tonight Veggie meal recipe! Corn fritter burgers, homemade pickled onions

Veggie meal for everyone tonight 🙂.

Corn fritter burgers (from Heron, go & get them NOW, they are delish!!), I had homemade pickled onions on mine, mustard & mayo… fries, onion rings & tomatoes… Lily had a mushroom pizza made using a slice of bread rolled out 😀 (she doesnt eat anything burger related 😂) .

Corn fritters £1
Leftover burger buns free as costed previously
Leftover onion rings free as costed previously
1/2 bag frozen fries 34p
Handful of tomatoes 19p on offer
Slice of bread, a mushroom & some tomato puree 15p ish 🤷🏼‍♀️
Few slices of cheese 29p

£1.97 fed 5 for 39p each 🙂.

Tonight Veggie meal recipe! Corn fritter burgers