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Turkey dinner Recipe - With broccoli, carrots, cabbage, homemade dauphinoise potatoes

Turkey dinner Recipe! Was supposed to be gammon but got to the turkey first so we went with that 😀. With broccoli, carrots (& my onion 😏), cabbage, homemade dauphinoise potatoes, & Yorkshires 😀.

The REAL star of the show however, was this croissant bread & butter pudding 🤤🤤 HONESTLY!!!! Ive never eaten a whole bowl of bread & butter pud, its defo not my fave, & I absolutely wont touch it with raisins etc in 🤢 but this was made with choc croissants, almond croissants, & a cinnamon swirl! 😀 All pastries were from Olio so it was a really cheap pud! 

Sliced turkey offcuts £2
Broccoli 72p
1/4 cabbage on offer 4p
1/4 bag carrots on offer 4p
Onion 6p
Dauphinoise potatoes - made 4 tubs for £1.37 so 34p 🙂
Leftover Yorkshires free as costed previously
Gravy granules 16p

£3.36 fed 5 for 67p each 😀.

Turkey dinner Recipe - With broccoli, carrots