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Beef & Guinness pie with wild garlic roasties recipe! mini joint Poundland

Beef & Guinness pie with wild garlic roasties, carrots (& my onion 😏), red cabbage, sweetheart cabbage & green beans… smothered in gravy made from the red cabbage boiling water 🤤🤤.

1/2 mini joint of beef £2.50
2 onions 12p
Mushrooms free from Olio
Flour & butter for pastry 30p ish
1/3 bag potatoes 29p
1/4 bag carrots 11p
1/4 red cabbage free from Olio
Wild garlic free as foraged
Green beans free from work
Sweetheart cabbage free from work
Guinness gravy mix reduced 60p
Gravy granules 16p
£4.08 fed 5 for 81p each 🙂 

The mini joint was from Poundland… I slow cooked it all night in beef stock with mushrooms, onions & a couple of bay leaves, then this morn added the Guinness gravy mix & left to cool as its best to use it cold when putting in the pie case so you dont melt it 🙂.

Beef & Guinness pie with wild garlic roasties recipe