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Fish pie Recipe! Fish pie mix Iceland £3.34 on their 3 for £10 deal

Recipe - Fish pie doesn't have to be expensive.  This will feed 6 hungry adults easily. I've worked out prices as best I can:-

Fish pie mix Iceland £3.34 on their 3 for £10 deal. Poached for a couple of minutes in about 2 pints of semi skimmed milk (you could cut that down to a pint of full fat milk and water say £1) adding the fishy water from the bag into the mix. 

After 2 or 3 minutes remove the fish to a plate, in a saucepan melt 3 good tablespoons of baking spread ( 40p for baking spread in lidl) and the same of plain flour (10p in lidl) and stir over a medium heat, it will all clump together and look like crumbs and cook out for a bit then slowly add the hot milk until you get a thick sauce. Season with salt, pepper, a tiny pinch of nutmeg and a sprinkle of paprika, mostly for colour or it looks quite anaemic! 

Flake the fish into the sauce and fold in,  I then added about half a bag of defrosted mixed veg from Iceland (about 300g from a £1 bag). Optional for some, I just had some to use up,  is 6 hard boiled eggs (£1 from most places based upon 20p an egg).

The potato topping is just a bag of potatoes that I had in the cupboard, but certainly make use of the 19p bags in the shops presently. Spoon the fish mix into the dish, top with the hard boiled egg slices and then mash on top, cooked at 200c for about 40 minutes until bubbling.

So this massive portion is less than a quid a head, and is so good!

Apologies for poor recipe instructions, I'm a very much a freestyle cook, and just lob stuff in until it tastes OK!

Fish pie Recipe