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Freezer mish mash recipe! fried lambs heart, leftover pie, fish fingers

Freezer mish mash! 😄😄 Took a good chunk out of my freezer with these meals! 🙂.

Kids - fish fingers / crispy pancakes, chips & salad 🥗
Me - fried lambs heart, garlic green beans & garlic mash (11 points) Arlo tried mine too & loved it, said he wants heart next time! 🫀
Jimmy - leftover pie & Yorkshires, garlic green beans & garlic mash 🥧

Lamb hearts £2.38
Leftover pie & Yorkshires free as costed previously
1/2 box crispy pancakes 50p
2/3 box fish fingers 50p
1/4 bag potatoes 39p
1/6 bag frozen chips 27p
Side salad free from Olio
Green beans 85p

£4.89 fed 5 for 97p each 🙂.

leftover pie & Yorkshires

fish fingers / crispy pancakes

fried lambs heart