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Leftovers Recipe - Slow cooker chicken stew with root veg mash

Slow cooker chicken stew with root veg mash, crusty baguette, & sage & onion Yorkshires πŸ™‚. We all enjoyed this… lots of carbs tonight but its very much needed 😞 .

Ive had an accident with my engagement ring & completely bent it out of shape, & cant wear it as worried the diamonds will fall out… hoping house insurance will cover it but its still a good few weeks without it, & potentially a couple of hundred excess… thats if its fixable… & I feel so bad 😞 I also have a very red & swollen finger 😞 .

Chicken legs company shop £1.25
1/4 bag carrots 15p
1/3 tub mushrooms 57p
3 shallots free from Olio
Handful of spinach free from Olio
Root veg mash reduced 83p
2 packs part baked baguettes £1.38
Leftover Yorkshire puds free as costed previously
Gravy granules 16p

£4.34 fed 5 for 86p each πŸ™‚ & have a large tub of leftovers too.

leftovers Recipe - Slow cooker chicken strew