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Recipe - Leftover Gammon, carrots, brussels with chestnuts & Yorkshire puddings

Gammon, carrots, brussels with chestnuts, potato dauphinoise, stuffing & Yorkshire puddings 💕. Pud was a pain au chocolat bread & butter pudding with creme brulee Vienetta 🤤🤤.

Leftover gammon free as costed previously
Leftover chicken gravy free as costed previously
Leftover caramelised onions free as costed previously
1/4 bag carrots on offer 4p
1/3 bag frozen brussels & chestnuts reduced 33p
Homemade potato dauphinoise 34p
Stuffing 25p
2 stock cubes 6p
Leftover Yorkshire puddings free as costed previously
Gravy granules 16p 

£1.18 fed 5 for 23p each 😀 

Pudding was nice & cheap, all pastries free from Olio, Vienetta was 75p from Heron, & the custard mix cost around 60p to make 🙂.

Recipe - Leftover Gammon, carrots