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Recipe - Wrap pizzas for tea, Smoked salmon free from Olio, Arlo has mushrooms

Wrap pizzas for tea 😀 Me & Jimmy are having ours later so will cost it all now! The kids & Jimmy have pepperoni (Arlo has mushrooms on his too) Im having smoked salmon & soft cheese (inspired by Victoria Foulger). Mine & Shawnes will be on small flatbreads instead of wraps. All served with chips, & carrot & cucumber sticks 🙂 .

Mini wraps free from Olio
Small flatbreads free from Olio
Pepperoni reduced 97p
Smoked salmon free from Olio (will only use a small amount, the rest I will use for tomorrows breakfast with scrambled egg)
Couple of mushrooms free from Olio
1/4 block cheese 66p
1/4 jar passata (Company shop) 22p
1/2 bag frozen chips 82p
Carrot 3p
1/4 cucumber (Company shop) 15p
£2.85 fed 5 for 57p each 🙂.

Cost of stress… THOUSANDS 😂.