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Roast pork dinner Recipe! Pork with crispy ‘crapeling’ with whipped cream

Roast pork dinner! Pork with crispy ‘crapeling’ according to Lily… broccoli, carrots (& an onion!), roasted butternut, mash, roasties, sage & onion Yorkshires, bread sauce & gravy made from the meat juices.

Pud was cookie dough with whipped cream 😋
Pork free from Olio
Broccoli 72p
1/4 bag carrots 11p
Onion 6p
1/4 bag potatoes 34p
Leftover mash free as costed previously
Stuffing 46p
Milk eggs & flour for batter 60p ish
Butternut squash free from Olio
Gravy granules 16p
Bread sauce & milk 50p
£2.95 fed 5 for 59p each 🙂 with Yorkshire puds & bread sauce leftover
2 cookie dough puds free from Olio
Double cream £1.15 

£1.15 fed 5 for 23p each 😀.

Roast pork dinner Recipe