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Starbucks Iced Frappe Recipe! like a Starbucks but a lot cheaper

I love a good iced frappe! With being on maternity I wanted to find a cheaper way to enjoy it other than Starbucks at £4.50 a go! 

Splash of milk (£2 4 pints)
3 ice cubes (pack was £1)
Coffee , mix some into a glass stir and add into mixer (already had)
Sugar 2 table spoons (already had)
Ice cream for thickness (£1 a tub)
Strawers (£1)
Toffee sauce (£1)

Add all info mixer , mix until smooth and just pour into glass with toffee sauce around the sides add cream!  It tastes exactly like a Starbucks but a lot cheaper and can have lots with what I purchased 🙂. 

Starbucks Iced Frappe Recipe