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Steak & kidney stew Recipe & slow cooker fluffy dumplings (no oven or hob)

Recipe - Making the most of our slow cooker again as we have no oven or hob! Love a chuck it all in meal 😀.

Bit of a pricier one tonight as diced beef is expensive anyway, & kidneys have gone up LOADS since the last time I bought them! 😲😲😲.

Diced beef £3.79
Lamb kidneys £2.97
1/4 bag carrots 11p
Shallot free from Olio
Leek free from Olio
1/3 tub mushrooms free from Olio
2 beef stock cubes 6p
Gravy granules 16p
1/4 box suet & 200g sr flour 90p ish 

£7.99 fed 5 for £1.59 each… lots of stew leftover, probably about half, so going to make some steak & kidney pies with the leftovers 🙂.

Steak & kidney stew Recipe