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Teatime Recipe! Salmon fillet, 4 sausages, goats cheese and donuts for pud

Teatime Recipe! Different things for everyone tonight… Salmon for me, sausages for James, we had super rice & a beetroot & goats cheese salad (James without goats cheese). The kids had a friend round so they had mini pizzas made from cobs, cheesy pasta, & then donuts for pud 😀.

Also, had to share cos Arlo came running in saying there was something in the pool… I was expecting a huge toad the way he was going on 😂 turns out its a whirligig beetle 💕 we caught him to have a look at his hairy legs… now hes back the pool loving life, & the kids have been banished 😂.

Salmon fillet £1.15
4 sausages 25p
Super rice 70p
Salady bits & goats cheese £1.20 ish
4 cobs 32p
2 peperamis 19p
Handful cheese 22p
1/2 bag pasta 16p 

£4.19 fed 6 for 69p each 🙂.

Teatime Recipe! Salmon fillet, 4 sausages