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Tonights tea Recipe! chicken & mushroom gnocchim kids have Marmite pasta

Tonights tea recipe! Me & Jimmy have chicken & mushroom gnocchi, the kids have Marmite pasta, both served with garlic pizza bread 🙂.

No oven or hob currently so ours was cooked in the air fryer along with the pizza bread. The pasta was cooked in the microwave & was way easier than doing it in a pan! No boiling over, just whack it in a microwave safe bowl, cover with water & micro on high! I did ours for 22 minutes, it was perfectly cooked! 

Chicken & mushroom gnocchi free from Olio
Marmite, cheese & butter 40p ish
1/2 bag pasta 20p
Garlic pizza bread £1.50

£2.10 fed 5 for 42p each 🙂.