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West country meatballs recipe! air fried tinned potatoes (GAME CHANGER!!)

Recipe - West country meatballs 👀, air fried tinned potatoes (GAME CHANGER!!), broccoli & mushy peas 😋 

Arlo said ‘this is the best tea ever!’ 😂.

Lily didnt like the broccoli until she had it with tomato sauce & now she loves it apparantly! Each to their own 🙊

Dont know why ive never tried the potatoes before! I drained & dried them well, used spray oil, paprika, Dunns river chicken seasoning, parsley, salt & pepper… gave them a good shake & chucked into the air fryer for 30ish minutes. 

2 packs west country meatballs 👀 on offer £2
2 tins tinned potatoes 74p
2 tins mushy peas 64p
Broccoli 72p
Gravy granules 16p

£4.26 fed 5 for 85p each 🙂.

West country meatballs recipe