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Cheesy tomato pasta recipe! with garlic pizza, Lily had Marmite pasta

Recipe ! Cheesy tomato pasta 😀 (Lily had Marmite pasta!) with garlic pizza. This is a new one for us, proper budget meal too, nice & cheap! I picked up the garlic pizza which bumped up the price, because I forgot to get a garlic bread with the food shop, but usually we have the cheapy one which is around 37p now I believe… 

2/3 bag pasta 27p
2 tbsp tomato puree 7p ish
2 tbsp butter 5p ish (Company shop)
1/6 block cheese 44p
Garlic pizza £1.50
£2.33 fed 4 for 58p each 🙂.

If using the cheapy garlic bread it would have only been £1.20 making it 30p each! 

Also had to share this fab bargain I picked up today, £2 for a medium turkey that feeds between 6-10! Will last us over 2-3 meals & will use the bones for stock after ive saved enough up from another couple of chickens 🙂 from Iceland xx.

Cheesy tomato pasta recipe! with garlic pizza