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Jamie O’s cajun chicken traybake! Chefs kiss recipe, added way more cajun seasoning

Recipe - Jamie O’s cajun chicken traybake… WELL this was delicious!! Ashton watched this on the telly with me months ago & asked me to make it… its made it onto the menu this week & was tasty & foolproof, so will definately be making another appearance soon! Ashton said it was great, & Arlo said ‘actually, its absolutely delicious! Chefs kiss 💋’ The only change I made to the recipe was that I added way more cajun seasoning, & added a stock cube in with the rice 🙂 .

Chicken legs £2.09
Pepper 55p
2 red onions 12p
4 garlic cloves 8p ish
300g basmati rice 56p
1/4 tub yogurt 11p

Passata, flour, & garlic butter for flatbreads £1 ish
£4.51 fed 5 for 90p each 🙂 we also have leftover flatbreads to freeze for another day.

Jamie O’s cajun chicken traybake