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Mussels Recipe!! with fries, Jimmys got a pasta carbonara meal, Meal for £1.10 each

Mussels Recipe with Sides. A delightful meal featuring mussels, paired with Space Raider potato shapes, a pasta carbonara for Jimmy, cheesy garlic bread, sausages with Space Raider shapes and cucumber & carrot sticks for Lily. Arlo absolutely loved the mussels – a hit for the seafood enthusiast! 💖


  • 3 packs of mussels (reduced), £3.75
  • 1/3 bag Space Raider potato shapes (reduced), £0.16
  • 2 frozen sausages, £0.15
  • Spaghetti ready meal, free from Olio
  • Part-baked baguettes, £1
  • 2 mini corn on the cob, £0.36
  • Cucumber & carrot sticks, £0.10

Total Cost: £5.52


  1. Prepare the mussels according to package instructions, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and cooked.
  2. Cook the Space Raider potato shapes until golden and crispy.
  3. Cook the frozen sausages until they are fully cooked.
  4. Heat the spaghetti ready meal in a saucepan or microwave.
  5. Prepare the part-baked baguettes as per package instructions and make cheesy garlic bread.
  6. Boil or grill the mini corn on the cob until cooked.
  7. Slice cucumber and carrot sticks for a refreshing side.
  8. Serve the mussels alongside the Space Raider shapes for a tasty seafood experience. Jimmy can enjoy his pasta carbonara, and Lily can savor the sausages with Space Raider shapes, cucumber & carrot sticks.

This diverse and delicious meal feeds 5 for £1.10 each. Enjoy the variety and flavors! 😊

Mussels Recipe!! with fries

pasta carbonara meal