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Mussels Recipe!! with fries, Jimmys got a pasta carbonara meal, Meal for £1.10 each

Mussels Recipe!! Was supposed to be with fries but I couldnt be bothered to make any, & id picked up the Space raider shapes which is what the kids asked for with them instead 🙂 

Arlo LOVEDDDD them, hes always loved mussels 💖

Jimmys got a pasta carbonara meal & I knocked him up some cheesy garlic bread… & Lily has sausages with the Space raider shapes, & cucumber & carrot sticks 🙂
3 packs mussels reduced £3.75
1/3 bag Space raider potato shapes reduced 16p
2 frozen sausages 15p
Spaghetti ready meal free from Olio
Part baked baguettes £1
2 mini corn on the cob 36p
Cucumber & carrot sticks 10p ish

£5.52 fed 5 for £1.10 each 🙂

Mussels Recipe!! with fries

pasta carbonara meal