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Recipe - sweet chilli salmon, beans & cheese, crab filling & cheese,sausages

Arlo’s fave tonight 😀
Recipe - Jacket potatoes for tea! Mine with sweet chilli salmon, Jimmy & Ash have beans & cheese, Arlo had crab filling & cheese, & Lily had sausages, hash brown & salady bits (she despises jackets 😂). I got a lovely little gift from Lily today, from preschool, for Mothers day… she said ‘I made it for you Mummy… but we can share it’ 🤔😂 she also had to have an impromtu hair cut today as she got a hamster stuck in her hair 🙃 .

Still giggling about it now! 🐹 Every day is fun with her 🙊

Jacket potatoes 62p
Salmon free from Olio
1/4 tub soft cheese 23p
Tin of beans 27p
1/2 tub coleslaw 79p
Tub cottage cheese reduced 50p
1/4 tub hummus 55p
1/3 tub crab filling reduced 21p
1/6 block cheese 44p
2 sausages 15p
Hash brown 9p ish
Salady bits 40p ish

£4.25 fed 5 for 85p each 🙂.

Recipe - sweet chilli salmon, beans & cheese