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Saag aloo recipe! tandoori stuffed leg of lamb with curry sauce and rice

Recipe - Ok so during the holidays I found a leg of lamb on offer and stuffed it into the freezer. Decided to defrost it and tandoori it.  Saag aloo, a basic curry sauce and rice.

Mix approx 250g of full fat natural yogurt, then a table spoon each of garlic and ginger, cumin, coriander, chilli, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and turmeric and mix together, slash deep grooves into the leg and pour over the yogurt mix,  marinate for at least an hour, this had about 6. Cook at 180c ish for 90 minutes, then turn up to 200c final 30 minutes. Rest 30 mins before cutting.

Frozen spinach about 40p. Half a bag of spuds 60p, couple of onions 30p then spices. Half a bag of plain long grain rice 50p. The sauce is onions,  a tin of tomatoes and tin of coconut milk and spices again so less than £2 to make for a double batch. 

Fed 4 hungry adults with leftovers, the tandoori would also work well with lamb shoulder. It was so good and next time I'll turn on the bbq the lamb to char it.

Saag aloo recipe! tandoori stuffed leg of lamb