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Recipe - Turkey pot pie with stuffing topping, really tasty, quick to put together meal

Turkey pot pie with stuffing topping. Served with sweetcorn, peas & mash. I dont do peas unless they are mushy, but the kids like them! 

This was a really tasty, quick to put together meal! I found it on the Supercook app but its literally leftover chicken/turkey, with made up gravy poured over, then pour your made up stuffing mix over the top whilst still liquidy, & bake for 45 minutes πŸ™‚ 

Leftover turkey free as costed previously
Stuffing 43p
Gravy granules 16p
1/6 bag frozen sweetcorn 15p
1/6 bag frozen peas 9p
Mash free from Olio 

84p!!!!!!!! Fed 5 for 16p each!! Thats just wild isnt it! πŸ˜€ 

Top tips for this one… UTILISE OLIO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN… most things can be frozen! Also… save your leftovers! I never ever throw leftovers… even small amounts of veg can be used in a stew or soup! Look out for reductions! The turkey I used originally was £2 in Iceland only a few weeks ago, well after Xmas, made 4 trays of meat including gravy made with the meat juices, & I saved the carcass too to make stock πŸ™‚ xxx

Recipe - Turkey pot pie with stuffing topping