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Smoked sausage pasta recipe! smoked sausage with sage, & with garlic bread

Smoked sausage pasta recipe 😋😋😋
Was supposed to be smoked sausage with sage, & with garlic bread… but couldnt get any sage, & completely forgot the garlic bread… in my defence I havnt felt v well, & ive been to the Drs this morn & have ear infection & laryngitis 🙈🙈 but we still have to carry on done we so just adapted slightly 🙂 

The kids absolutely loved it so im calling it a winner! 😀
Smoked sausage £1 Poundland
2/3 bag pasta 27p
1/2 tub passata 22p
1/4 tub double cream 29p
1/6 block red leicester 46p
1/4 block Grana padano 59p
Sprinkle of crispy onions 14p

£2.97 fed 5 for 59p each 🙂

Smoked sausage pasta recipe