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Chicken & sweetcorn soup recipe & crispy sourdough dipping toasts

Chicken & sweetcorn soup recipe πŸ’›πŸŒ½ & crispy sourdough dipping toasts 😍.

This is truly what you call a cheap/leftovers/using it up meal! I always save my leftover chicken, & the carcass & make stock from it, never ever throw that goodness away! The soup should have had carrots in too but we are all out! 

Leftover chicken & homemade stock,  from previous chicken, & the chicken carcass from yesterdays dinner all free as costed previously or would have been thrown away (chicken carcass).

1/3 bag frozen sweetcorn 45p
4 eggs 46p
4 garlic cloves & squeeze of ginger 10p ish
Spring onions free from Olio
Sourdough bread free from Olio

£1.01 fed 5 for 20p each!!

Chicken & sweetcorn soup recipe