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Doner kebab wraps recipe, with salad, red onion & mint yogurt & fries

Tonight we had the tea that we were supposed to have last night! 😀
Doner kebab wraps recipe, with salad from our friends allotment, red onion & mint yogurt 😋 & fries!
The boys had the same but with leftover chippy chips 🙂 

Lily had… spaghetti hoops on toast 😅 its what she fancied, no one can be bothered with a food battle can they, especially in this heat! She ate the WHOLE tin & 2 slices of buttery toast 😮 growth spurt?!?! 

Doner kebab meat £2
6 wraps 67p
1/3 bag frozen fries 53p
Leftover chippy chips free as costed previously
Salady bits (some from friends allotment) 6p
Spaghetti hoops 14p
2 slices bread 4p

£3.44 fed 5 for 68p each 🙂

Doner kebab wraps recipe, fries