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Freezer dive! Was supposed to be Homemade pie chips & beans recipe

Freezer dive recipe! Was supposed to be pie chips & beans, but I thought I had more pies than I did 🙈 & I had no beans either 🙈🙈

Took the opportunity to go through my freezers & rejig them a bit… so got a few bits out that need using up 🙂 

Me - Chicken in mushroom sauce, mash & green beans
Jimmy - Pie, potatoes & green beans
Boy - Chicken tikka slice, chips & hoops
Lily - Sausage, chips & hoops

Homemade pie 53p
Chicken in mushroom sauce free from Olio
2 chicken tikka slices reduced £1.15
2 sausages 16p
1/3 bag chips 55p
Green beans free from Olio
2 tins spag hoops 34p

£2.73 fed 5 for 54p each 🙂

Homemade pie chips & beans recipe