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Roast chicken dinner recipe, Whole chicken £3.79, With stuffing, roasties, cheesy mash

Back to cooking! Back from my hen do in Benidorm last night, so veggies were much needed after 4 days of sun, alcohol & mainly fry ups! 😂.

Recipe - Roast chicken dinner was just what I needed today! With stuffing, roasties, cheesy mash, cauli cheese, broccoli, green beans, carrots (& an onion), sweetcorn, honey roast parsnips & Yorkshire puddings 😀.

Whole chicken £3.79
1/2 pack stuffing 24p
Pre made mashed potatoes 95p
Potatoes with lard (made over Xmas with the cheap veg) 22p
1/4 bag carrots 11p
Handful of frozen green beans 8p
Handful of frozen sweetcorn 11p
Broccoli 89p
Cauli cheese (made over Xmas with the cheap veg) 75p
1/2 bag frozen honey roast parsnips 87p
Eggs flour & milk for batter milk 60p ish
Gravy granules 16p

£8.77 fed 6 for £1.46 each… we have leftovers too, chicken, Yorkshire puds & gravy! 🙂.

Recipe - Roast chicken dinner