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Recipe - Sausage, mash, veg & Yorkshire puds, kids had bread & butter

Recipe - Sausage, Mash, Veg & Yorkshire Puds Feast, with a Side of Banana Creativity! 🍌🍲


  • 12 frozen sausages (95p)
  • Mash (free from Olio)
  • 1/8 bag of frozen peas (11p)
  • Mixed veg (free from Olio)
  • Mushy peas (32p)
  • Leftover Yorkshire puddings (free, as costed previously)
  • Gravy granules (16p)

Total Cost: £1.54


  1. Cook the frozen sausages until they're golden and cooked through.
  2. Reheat the mashed potatoes.
  3. Steam or boil a mix of frozen peas and mixed vegetables until they're tender.
  4. Warm up the leftover Yorkshire puddings.
  5. Prepare mushy peas using dried peas or a tin if available.
  6. Make a rich gravy using gravy granules.

Serve this classic and comforting sausage dinner with all the trimmings.

For Banana Creativity:

  1. Banana Pancakes: Mash bananas into a pancake batter and cook.
  2. Banana Smoothies: Blend bananas with yogurt and other fruits.
  3. Banana Muffins: Bake banana muffins for a snack or breakfast.
  4. Frozen Banana Bites: Dip banana slices in chocolate and freeze.
  5. Banana Ice Cream: Freeze bananas and blend them into a healthy ice cream.

These banana ideas, along with your ingenious creations, will help make the most of your Olio bounty! 🍌🥞🍌🙂

Recipe - Sausage, mash, veg