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Recipe - Sausage, mash, veg & Yorkshire puds, kids had bread & butter

Sausage, mash, veg & Yorkshire puds 😀 

The kids had bread & butter with theirs instead of mash… im fed up of trying to get them to like it 😂
We had bananas & choc custard for pudding tonight, dont usually have puds in the week but all those bananas need using up! I did an Olio collection last night for Tesco & got a bin liner sized bag of bananas & only had one request for a few, so trying to find ways to use as many as I can… Ive also made banana pancakes, banana traybake which ill ice for packed lunches, & a banana loaf which ive popped into the freezer for a quick Sunday pud with custard 🙂 

Suggestions to use bananas up - send them my way!! 

  • 12 frozen sausages 95p
  • Mash free from Olio
  • 1/8 bag frozen peas 11p
  • Mixed veg free from Olio
  • Mushy peas 32p
  • Leftover Yorkshire puddings free as costed previously
  • Gravy granules 16p 

£1.54 fed 5 for 30p each 🙂

Recipe - Sausage, mash, veg