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Recipe - Beef stew, brussels, mash, Yorkshires, £6.57 fed 3 for £2.19 each

Recipe - Beef stew, brussels, mash, Yorkshires, & got to have horseradish with my beef stew! 😀 I have a large tub full of leftovers too so will be popping that into the freezer for another stew; or may turn it into pies 🙂.

Lily didnt want it so she had a ham (Olio) sandwich with crisps & strawberries (also Olio!). Arlo has gone off to Nannys for a few nights so we are missing one tonight! 

  • Frozen diced beef £4.50
  • A few carrots 10p
  • 2 onions 12p
  • Glass red wine 84p
  • Beef bourguignon sachet (best before its gone) 6p
  • Brussels 95p
  • Leftover mash free as costed previously
  • Leftover Yorkshires free as costed previously
  • £6.57 fed 3 for £2.19 each 🙂

What Did Sheila Say? 

I always make far too much stew and freeze the left overs. Never thought to make a pie! Please could you give your method for making the pie with frozen leftovers please 🙏.

Beef stew, brussels, mash, Yorkshires