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Recipe - Meal plan, made the bolognese, kebabs & some sausages

Recipe - Meal Change - Pork, Mozzarella & Tomato Kebabs, Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs, Sausages, Chippy Chips & Curry Sauce.

Today's scorching heat has left me feeling quite drained, so I decided to change up the meal plan. Luckily, I had previously prepared a bolognese, and in light of not feeling well, I cooked a stuffed marrow, letting it cool before freezing it. Additionally, I had a tub of bolognese that also made its way into the freezer, ensuring that nothing went to waste.

To avoid heating up the kitchen too much, I pulled out some kebabs and sausages from the freezer, quickly air frying them. I also had Jimmy grab some chips, and while the costings aren't stellar, they're not too bad either. I'm aware that the Weight Watchers points might be less than ideal, but I'm still hopeful for a positive outcome on Saturday, given how well I've stuck to my plan all week.

So, for dinner, we enjoyed Pork, Mozzarella & Tomato Kebabs, Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs, Sausages, Chippy Chips, and Curry Sauce.


  • Both kebabs, sourced free from Olio
  • 1/2 bag of frozen sausages (75p)
  • Chippy chips (£4)
  • Curry sauce (approximately £1.50)

Total Cost: £6.25

This meal comfortably fed five, making it an affordable £1.25 per person. Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery and a successful weigh-in on Saturday!

What Did Chirine Say? 

Probably a silly question...did u put mozzarella on the kebabs? I'd love to try never thought it work (cut up mozzarella (ball) I mean) xx

Recipe - Meal plan, made the bolognese